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Risk-Based Trade Compliance Management Workshop

November 16, 17, & 20, 2023


 Join us for a 3-part workshop introducing you to the world trade system, emerging trade trends and
customs policies combining theory and practicality. We will provide insights developed from our deep experience assisting an extensive global clientele to develop and manage successful trade compliance programs. In addition to core customs competencies, this workshop will also bridge theory and practice
with a focus on the how, as well as the why.

Session 1: Introduction: Core Elements of Modern Trade Compliance Management in APAC

Session 2: Part 1 – Risk-Based Trade Compliance: Tariff Elements

Session 3: Part 2 – Risk-Based Trade Compliance: Non-Tariff Elements

Reach out to Marko Vuksanovic or Noel Chow to learn more and register